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450R shocks mounted to a 400EX?

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I know this topic has been discussed before but I have not read where anyone has discussed any final results on it. I know the 450R shocks will fit the 400EX with some minor alterations at the upper mount, but I would like to know if the shocks will perform flawlessly.

I have triple rate Works shocks on my wife's 400ex now, but they need rebuilt, also they suck. I have +2" A-ARMS on the 400EX and would like to mount the 450R shocks to it. In my opinion, the 450R shocks are better than the Works that I currently have. Any suggestions, or anyone experience this same situation?

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Due to different geomentry the shocks would have to be reworked for them to work real good on the 400ex. One guy I spoke to said it raised the ride height of the front end to much for his liking. hope this helps.
i was wondering what alterations have to be made and who would u suggest to revalve the 450r shocks for the 400ex?
I've seen them on a 400ex and yes it did raise the height a little. But, according to the guy I talk too which he's the one that bought my 450R shocks!! He was very happy with them. He cut the top mount to make them fit and he said it was a much added improvement to the stock 400ex shocks!! :)

I race with a guy that did this on +2 arms and when I rode his quad I was quite impressed with the ride for a stock shock.
will elkas from a 400ex fit on a 450r?
Originally posted by the450r@Jul 6 2005, 06:21 PM
will elkas from a 400ex fit on a 450r?

My friend has the elkas off his 400ex on his 450r and they work alright it just sits alot lower
lol thats good to hear u should see the 400ex i dont think my bro ever adjusted the ride height he just put them on and the 400 has almost of foot of ground clearance in the front.
I've had 450R shocks on mine for almost 2 years now and I've been very impressed. I didn't notice that it raised the front to much. I softened the pre-load all the way and dialed in the compression/rebound.
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