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400ex using oil and blue smoke

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02 honda 400 ex using oil and blue smoke on start up. what should I use for a piston? stock, je, wisco or? Also does the rocker arm assembly wear out and make a ticking
noise? good cam up grade also? has anybody lightened the fly wheel for faster reving and how much did you lighten it.
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i had a few relatively inexpensive 400ex screamers.....

my reliable, trail rider motor would consist of

.080 416 wiseco 11:1 pump gas setup. hotcams stage 2 cam. FCR 39 carb and a good clutch kit.

your smoke on startup is coming from bad valve seals... they can easily be replaced during the rebuild. they come with the complete gasket set.
any piston would be fine, go with a 416cc, stage 2 cam, you can put 04/05 450r carb on there, and i get 8 oz. off the flywheel! makes a huge difference!
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