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350x swingarm conversion?

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Anyone know anything about this? I've heard that is can be done, but i don't know any specifics.
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The 350x swingers are like +1.5", so it would give me added length, and i can use the 350x shock that has more adjustments and a ressie (i think). Plus i have the shock, swinger, axle and stuff just sitting here doing nothing.
ahhhh.. a very old school mod... i take it you plan on doing this to a 250x/300ex. very good choice, i cant beleive anyone else knows about this...

i used to have that mod done to my 91 250X with a TC built 350X mx-er. mine used a +1 extended swinger by leagers and a pep revalved 350X shock... very bad ass set-up. it also used 250R peps up front with 250R +2 a-arms... ahhh i miss that wheeler... but anyways here waht you have to do...

get a 350X swinger and shock, and get 5 washers that fit over the swinger bolt (i dont remember the size), i beleive there was 3 on the chain side 2 on the other, but im not positive, you will have to check the chain alignment. but i know for a fact it was 5 washers spaced 3 on one side 2 on the other.

the shock will bolt in factory location, i mounted the rezzy on the lower subframe rail on the chain side like a 250R was.

the stock 250/300 bearing carrier, caliper, caliper holder, brake line, and axle will work.

if you dont have a extended axle the 350 one would be one to look into being that it is either 1 or 2 inches wider than stock...

hopefully i helped you some..

if you got any more questions feel free to PM me!
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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