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- LRD300 kit: Resleeved stock cylinder done by LRD. Cylinder has been cut to use o-rings instead of head gasket. Comes with ESR exhaust flange, LRD cool head, 2 domes, spacer plate, piston, gaskets & extra o-rings. Bore size is 72.25mm and has 6 hours on a coated piston. Kit is ready to bolt on and ride! $500 shipped

- Shearer Custom Pipes in-frame big bore pipe, chrome plated. Pipe has virtually no ride time on it. Shearer builds all of ESR’s pipes and the Sparks 330 hi-rev. This thing rips on a big bore motor. My loss…$300 shipped

- Riken radials on Douglas .190s, 3+2 offset, 4/144 (Honda) bolt pattern. Wheels are like new, tires are a couple years old. $100

Email at [email protected] for pics.....
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