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i got a 2006 450er and he's getting really hot the header is really hot enough so where the pipe is connecting the fender melt ...

the bike is stock no mods and stock pipe
ive put engine ice in the radiator and some heat wrap around the header but still is getting really hot ...
could it be that i should change the stock jetting to go a bit bigger ? i think its 122 main jet as its the stock one ?
could it be the carb needs to be cleaned or ??
im not a mechanic expert im reading a lot on this forum and trying to figure out what is going ???

i live in quebec/canada (st-joseph du lac) and from what i can found sea level is 262.47 feet but not sure about it
and i go around to do some trail riding too

should i go with a bigger main jet or maybe head gasket is blown or ???

need help pls

thank you

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Are you sitting and idling the quad a lot? I can’t imagine if you are riding that there would be enough heat to melt the rear fender. Is the heat resistant foil tape still on the underside of the rear fender to protect it, or did it gat pressure washed off?

The fact is, it will get hot. Explosive gases from the combustion event are going through that pipe. Now that you wrapped your header, that heat won’t escape until it gets past the wrap and could be why your rear fender melted also.
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