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Performance question - took my new to me 2006 450ER for its first really hard run today. Only other run I've done was 2 days ago, but more light. Bike starts good and runs strong. Has the famous stab-throttle-bog issue somewhat. Rolling onto throttle is smooth. Beginning of the day bike ran flawlessly. Towards the end it was warmer out, and the bike was nice and hot. While in a really whooped out section as I was coming down into the whoop I could feel the engine stumble (like it lost spark or starved for fuel) for just a second. In a gravel pit while mid-throttle it was as if someone quickly hit the kill switch here and there. Pulling good then "bahhh" just for a second. Happened a few more times then did it to me on the way up a small hill causing me to stall. Fought a little to start again.
Any thoughts on remedy? Bike is pretty new to me so I'm unsure of where to start. Running good at beginning of day (cooler) and acting up later (warmer when bike hot) relate to anything? Things getting rich? Lean?
Note - in low to mid 20c temps here, this bike will start quickly and idle nicely without touching anything (no throttle pump or holding choke). Not sure if this indicates a rich tune to begin with that got worse with heat?
Interestingly the symptoms only really related to when the bike was up and down in the whoops or up and down in the pit. On flat ground it seemed fine?
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