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2006 HRC cam and 100mm CP piston

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HRC cam- has been installed since 2007. The valves were ALWAYS in spec and the motor was run with only Honda HP4M synthetic oil. No visual defects or coloring. Looks like new. Reason for selling is I am upgrading to a HC3. $80 Shipped

100mm CP piston- SOLD
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deal pending on Piston
Piston SOLD. Thanks Gar!
Make an offer on HRC cam
is this the early 04/05 HRC or the 06 and up HRC...???

lol nevermind i didnt notice it in the title... lol
Will trade cam towards a clutch basket in good shape.
Pgreenlaw is a good seller! Got my stuff and am very happy with it. Thank you Pat!

Still need clutch basket
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