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So I got a 2005trx 450r about a month ago
Guy stated it was sitting for a while and that gas tank was changed due to old gas.

it was bogging gave the carb a good clean still bogged
Messed around with jetting , fuel - air screw, needle Clíp position feels good from idle -70% throttle
On a thread I reas 70-100% would be accelerator pump job ,

long story short my accelerator pump won’t squirt through the air filter side
I’ve cleaned it multiple times inlet from the bowl going to the pump and also from the brass it comes out to including where it goes into carb

all places fuel travels through has proven to have flow
I’ve cleaned with carb cleaner and air pressure
I have even gotten a new a. Pump from “all balls racing “ and I still have no luck getting a squirt out of it

my mods I know to have are
175 main
48 pilot / slow
Needles in first position
(No leak jet found on my bowl)
And an aftermarket exhaust

I’ve tried priming the pump endlessly no squirt , but I can spray carb cleaner through them

2006 trx 450er. Stock motor, sparks full exhaust, elka legacy series shocks, and many more boltons!!
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Any luck regoformulation? I noticed you joined the site when you had this issue, haven’t seen you back since. Did you get this dialed in? Quad running good? I’m trying to get all the guts who joined recently or when they posted their issue and never came back. So I hope your riding and having fun. Hope to see you posting things back up on this site bro.
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