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My TRX 450R needs a new home, due to me losing my job 3 months ago and trying to pay my father's funeral expenses.

I'm trying to be as complete about it as I can, as I really need this to go before I get sued for the rest of the funeral expenses.

Has: Tag bars, tether, handguards, Blingstar bumper, nerfs, Spastic graphics, carbon fiber nose, hi comp piston, Curtis Sparks exhaust, Dyna Rev box, cam, spare cam in box. I'm not too sure what the cam in it is now, but it is definately not stock, as a another friend has the exact same setup as I do besides the cam, (his is stock) and my bike gets him every single time no matter who rode it. This bike has at least 40 hrs on it, and I'm the 4th owner. I've talked to the other people that have owned it, the first two didn't like it compared to their other atv's, and my friend I purchased it from was having kids, so he needed the money for that.

Needs: New header (the one broke off where it comes out of the head the last time I rode it, and I still have the piece. It may be able to be welded back together, but if not, Sparks quoted me a price of 199.99 for a new one, which I cannot afford at this time.) The bike still ran without it, as I rode it home after it broke. The bike otherwise has sat in the garage since I lost my job. Ironically the same week it broke, later in that same week I lost my job. Go figure!

It also has no lights or light switch, as this is how I bought it.

Swingarm bolt and retainer clip for the kickstarter, which are on order and will have in a day or two. 29.00 worth of parts. I went to grease the bolt and found some play, so I turned the wrench and found half of the bolt moving. I pulled it out and found that it had snapped towards the nut end of it. No other damage is apparent. I have no idea when it broke or why. The bike has never been bottomed out in any way since I've had it, as much of the riding area here is flat. This bike has never seen a racetrack as far as I know. I have never had it on a track, even though it does have a number on it, with a previous owner's last name.

Other: The plastic is in decent shape, except for the R front fender, which was cracked and apparently broken off, but is repaired with the old drill and zip tie trick. The tires are about 50%. maybe even 40%. This is how I had bought it from my friend.

I personally have less that 15 hrs ride time on it. At the time I bought it from my friend, all the maintenance was done from the local dealer, Thunder Alley Sports, Fulton NY, when I bought it and everything checked out ok. I have changed the oil 3 times since then.

This bike has never been titled, but I do have the Certificate of Origin from Honda, which will allow the new owner to title it if desired. Also have the owner's manual too. This bike was originally purchased from Libby's Sales and Service (Libby's Motoworld) in New Haven, CT, and is listed on the Certificate.

I also have this posted locally, on Ebay and Craigslist, and 3 yahoos already tried to pass fake money orders to me for this.

I am asking 2900 AS IS. Cash, bank check or Paypal. Price is negotiable. But quite frankly, I'm not willing to go much lower than that. This is what I've been offered from a few local racers from MotoMasters and Frozen Ocean (here in NY) that wanted a backup or practice bike, but also never came through.

I can't transport this anywhere because I sold my truck a couple of weeks ago. If someone out of state buys it, they are responsible for all shipping and delivery costs. I am willing to meet up at the state lines, but this is only if i can borrow a truck

I know this sounds like a scam. It is not! If some sent me an email with a phone number or contact info, you will get a call from me.

I have pics, but they are too large to upload here, and I can't resize them anymore than they are. Shoot me an email at [email protected] with a subject of pics for atv, and pics will arrive.

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I'm sorry about your father. Good luck on the sale.

Bump, to the top.
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