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First thing Make sure the Main Jet didn't fall out...

Second thing I would check. Pull the Fuel Tank off, pull the top of the Carburetor off, you will see 3 Philips Head Screws on top of the carburetor, look down into the carburetor and now you will see there is 2 Philips head screws... Make sure they didn't back out (this is common on the 04-05 trx450r, 400ex and 300ex carbs) Symptoms are when you give it gas it will bog, wont rev, it will idle all day long and rev till about 2000 RPM's and then falls on it's face (If those screws came loose they will not cause any damage) but what happens is the butter fly valve will open but the slide doesn't.

Next thing to check is the Ignition Coil connector make sure it's plugged on all the way, if it's loose or if it's plugged in but it's just held on by the rubber shield (I have seen this too) it will vibrate and looses contact and it will misfire.

Make sure that the Pet Cawk valve is flowing freely, just remove the fuel line from the carb and turn the fuel on for a second or two, it should flow out like a garden hose not just a trickle.

Did you throw a new pipe on it by chance? Remove the airbox lid...
Did you put an Airbox lid on it? If so Remove the airbox lid...

Make sure the Blue Spark Plug bot is screwed onto the spark plug wire all the way.
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