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Selling my bike guys love it but don't ride it enough and can't race MX any more so selling. Asking $3800 blue book is $3700 but I have put over $3500 worth of extra's on and thats at dealer cost lol. Oil changed and air filter cleaned after every race or every 2 rides. Has been rolled twice almost no dmg, stock steering stem bent a little still rideable. Oh and their is a dent in the can of the exhaust no dmg on inside no power difference...dang suzuki riders lol

I really took care of this bike and hope whoever buys it does too about 20 on it since the winter rebuild starts 1 kick

04 Trx 450r
-White 07 Plastics
-Pro Armor nerfs
-Pro armor belly and rear skid plates
-Pro armor MX bumper
-Pro armor killswitch
-DASA exhaust
-JE 13:1 Piston
-HC II cam
-Kibblewhite valve springs and black diamond valves
-AMR Monster coil
-New honda clutches
-K&N filter w/outerwears and HRC lid
-Derisi Racing full MX revlaves
-Lonestar racing +2 +1 A-arms
-Lonestar racing +3 axle and twin row carrier
-Quadtech hood
-Tag 1 1/8 bars
-Spider grips
-MSR AOF clutch & perch
-Modquad Parking brake block off plate
-Kenda klaw front tires 90% tread
-Kenda klaw rear tires 50% tread


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man, wish i had the cash for this...nice ride, good price...maybe i can work something, if u still have it i will definately buy it...if not good luck with ur sale
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