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Crazy how fast time goes, I’ve owned this trx450 for 12 years, today I finally put brand new plastics on her after 12 years! every bolt has been replaced to stainless steel. Definitely a machine that will be staying with me and my family for many years to come. I have way to many memories,blood,sweat and tears into this thing! Hopefully one day my kid/kids will feel the same way

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This is a cool thing to see the quad looks amazing and I’d be surprised if it didn’t stay in the family for a long time to come, my dad bought a 06 450er in 2008 and when he was looking to sell it I just couldn’t let it go and I guess that is how it’s been in my family for 15 years and it is the favorite of all the things I’ve rode. Wish I had some better pictures of it but this is just what I have as of currently with all the new parts I’ve been adding.
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