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12 tooth sprocket

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What would yall think my bike would pull like with a 12 tooth front sprocket and a 38 tooth rear sprocket and 21 extremes with 8 paddles. I have an HRC kit with a sparks pipe and uni filter. I wondering if it would be too low.
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you don't like the 13????
my neighbor went to a 12 to launch in second, hated the fact that after 3rd gear i was already ahead of him lol
I have 13/39 right now. Im switching gearing for mx, so Im going higher to compensate for the 18in tires. But, by doing that, Im going to be way to high for the dunes. So, I was going to put 14/38 for the track and 12/38 for the dunes.
sounds like a good idea, i am actually going to try this also and just got a 12 tooth, especially cuz if your paddles are like my skat trak 21's, they are taller than that. my 21's are taller than a friends 22" haulers...go figure
What year bike and where do you ride?

I ran 12-38 on my bike w/ HRC kit and filter and that was with 21x10x8 skat trak extremes 8 paddle in oregon and it ran good but was a tad low for my weight. I weigh 145 and 12-37 would have been probably perfect, but for 200 lbs or around there, the 12 tooth worked great!

I still run the same tires but have a lot more stuff and i have gone to 13-39 which IMO is perfect for me. LOL

yeah i forgot to ask where you ride? the place you ride can make all the difference. the sand changes so much, that's why most of the so cal duners run 6 or 7 paddle tires even on high 50 hp builds, but here in the oregon dunes a stock machine can run 8 paddle haulers with no problems. good luck
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