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07 470 Engine FS complete

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this is for a complete bottom end, transmission clutch, ect from an 07 450r. this had roughly 40 hours on it total since new. it also includes a venom 98mm bigbore kit, with 12.25 piston. the bigbore has roughly 20 hours.

upon pulling the head off, it had alot of deposits.. my "dyno tune" left this running very rich. it was/is a very STRONG engine/transmission. oil and trans fluid meticulously maintained.. im not just bs'ing, i wrench on my 450 more then i ride it. i cleaned off the deposits real fast for pics of the piston. NO leaks, ticks, or any abnormalities whatsoever. i have lots of idle videos from days before this was pulled if you'd like to hear it running.

pics provide what is included. i may/may not need the hoses when my new engine comes.. nothing more then a hose will be removed/not included from these pics.

im not really sure what to ask, i will start at 1000 + shipping. gasket for the cylinder was just removed for pics. it is plenty re-useable with copper spray. so that cost can be cut if your pricing out the minor details.

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