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Ok,I would like to thank for the guys that have taken some time to help me out throughout this build,I'm new to the 450r/er engine build hence the questions,so I have made progress, I bought a new RMSTATOR and a new Shorai battery,so I had 180main and 45 pilot I think I have 55 leak jet or 40 leak jet,anyway it tried to start it but dies right away, so I changed it to 185 main,48 slow and air/fuel screw @ 2¾ turns and it turns on from time to time it'll idle but will shut off,and with choke on, it won't turn on,it feels like I have the gas pressed,but I actually don't of course,Is my jetting wrong still? Build list:
100mm Athena Cylinder with CP Carillo piston
Oem Ferrea Valves and Springs kit
Stage 2 hotcams
Hotcams timing chain
Full Barkers exhaust system
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