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  1. Engine
    Yes I looked for threads but didn’t see exactly what I was looking for I’m newer to these quads but I was racing an then I came down a hill an it locked up back wheels then tried to kick an wouldn’t move noticed oil coming out of hole on motor “don’t exactly know what it’s called sorry” but was...
  2. Engine
    I just recently acquired a 2006 trx450er and the guy just put a full aftermarket exhaust on it and because of this you have to slightly give it throttle for the engine to start. He said he believes it needs shimmed. I went out riding for a day and ended up killing the battery trying to get it...
  3. QOTM Winner
    We’ve had the bike for a while and we took it riding in the rain and puddles for the first time. It got home just fine but the second I put it in N I noticed the light didn’t turn on but I knew for a fact the bike was in N. I turned it off not thinking much if it but when I tried starting it...
1-3 of 3 Results