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  1. Engine Tech FAQ
    Hello. I recently installed new valves/ valve keepers etc to my 04, 450r. Got everything back together but now cannot get the bike to start. Pulled the plug and am getting plenty of fuel. Grounded out the plug, kicked it over and no spark. Anybody have any idea? I also am finding the black and...
  2. General TRX Discussions
    so i been looking for a outlaw link and just found out lonestar hasn’t made them in 10 years, so i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get the linkage
  3. General TRX Discussions
    My Trx450r 04 cuts off while I am holding in the clutch . The bike will turn right back on first kick . I’ve changed the kill switch , tightened my clutch and I also had some one clean the carburetor for me . I have no clue what it could be . I’ve had the whole bottom end of the engine rebuilt...
1-3 of 3 Results