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  1. Need new throttle

    Body, Controls, and Protection
    So i did a hill climb and i got to the to the top and I pressed it in and it was very heavy and hard to push in so I think im going to get a new throttle cable. I was looking at the moose easy pull throttle. It just has to be as good as stock or better it doesn't have to be special. I don't do...
  2. YZ 250 SWAPPED TRX450R?

    QOTM Winner
    I know there is probably a lot of Honda guys that will probably hate on this one because it’s not a Honda motor, but I have a 1986 YZ250 2 stroke motor and a 2004 TRX450R chassis laying around and was wondering if it would work or if anyone has ever done this or have seen this done.
  3. Hissing noise coming from motor after shut down

    So today I washed my 450 and I let it dry and now theres a hissing noise coming from the wheep hole I think that's what it's called. It's coming from the little hole on the right side of the cylinder. Could anyone give me any ideas on what's wrong because I dont wanna wreck anything. Any info...
  4. trx450r starter clutch please help!

    New Member Introductions
    Disassembled clutch case, clutch and other components to diagnose a starter clutch problem am wondering if the atv needs to be in neutral to enable the gears to free spine and if so do I need to reassemble clutch and push rod to get into neutral. Having trouble getting shifter to function...
  5. Ironman proseries by hmf with hrc pipe will it work?

    Hey I'm new here but I was wondering if my HMF ironman (slip on) will work with a hrc header pipe? I have been reading that some have had their HMFs work and others say it wont work. So I was wondering if anyone could help me out and help me make a decision. Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. 2005 Honda TRX450R High Idle.

    I got a 2005 Honda TRX450r. Starts fine. Once warmed up, idles really high in neutral or when squeezing clutch in. Wants to take off in first gear when going, as if pressing the throttle. Revs high in first and while in neutral. Idle screw doesn’t do much anymore, stays high. Pretty much I’m...
  7. 2019 Gorman Big6 race

    2019 Gorman Big6 race

    Photos taken by Joe Salas, his instagram: 4theriders
  8. Why kicker conversion?

    Alright, I’m new here everyone. I see a lot of people doing a kicker conversion to the ER bikes. Especially those building race rigs. My question is why convert to kicker? Also why use 04/05 gear ratios versus 06+? I am going to build a WORCS rig so I’m trying to use as much experience and...
  9. Crf450r crank in Trx450r engine?? Project Quads
    I would like to know if a crf450r crank and piston would fit in my 2005 Trx450r. I can’t find a trx450 crankshaft for sale but I found a crf450 one and wanted to know if it’ll fit inside the engine. Please get back to me. Thank you.
  10. 2005 Trx450r locked up

    Hi, I’m new here and I need help. I have an 05 Trx450r that recently locked up on me and I would just like to know if a crf450r crank and piston would fit inside like trx450 engine. Please get back to me. Thank you all.
  11. Drag build questions

    So I have a 2007 trx450er I've been building slowly over the last year to drag race on dirt and play with around the house getting ready to go to a 520 bigbore non stroker 14:1 piston and a race ported head im stuck on cams id like to go with stage 3 hot cams but not really trying to replace...