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  1. DIRTWHEELS 2019 April issue studio Shoot

    DIRTWHEELS 2019 April issue studio Shoot

  2. 2019 Gorman Big6 race

    2019 Gorman Big6 race

    Photos taken by Joe Salas, his instagram: 4theriders
  3. Why kicker conversion?

    Alright, I’m new here everyone. I see a lot of people doing a kicker conversion to the ER bikes. Especially those building race rigs. My question is why convert to kicker? Also why use 04/05 gear ratios versus 06+? I am going to build a WORCS rig so I’m trying to use as much experience and...
  4. 06 Trx450er Won’t start after riding in puddle

    QOTM Winner
    We’ve had the bike for a while and we took it riding in the rain and puddles for the first time. It got home just fine but the second I put it in N I noticed the light didn’t turn on but I knew for a fact the bike was in N. I turned it off not thinking much if it but when I tried starting it...