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  1. Engine
    Gfs 06 trx450er Alright so it's abit of a long story so let me get right in it, my gfs quad broke down when we went on a trail ride in July. It's been broken since and I'm absolutely stumped for my skill level on repairing these (my electrical game is weak lol) Okay so we were riding and when...
  2. Honda
    i have a 2007 honda trx450er, hmf exhaust. looking to either rebuild the carb or put new jets in it. what jet kit gives the most speed and is the most durable to last me. any advice would help, thanks.
  3. Suspension, Chassis, and Drivetrain
    I mostly ride very rocky trail and desart terrain. Also have some pretty big whoops. From poking around iv found 2 main types of linkeages… mx and xc which one do you guys think would be better suited for my riding style. What changes do the individual links make?Sorry for the questions. Never...
  4. Engine
    I love engine noise and don’t ride much on db limit areas. What’s the loudest exhaust or silencer I can get for my 06 450? Currently running with the baffle and tip removed from the oem exhaust and it’s the loudest iv heard. Any aftermarket exhaust that will be just as loud. Just want to get an...
  5. Engine
    I have a 2006 trx450er (technically 500) with the stock exhaust and header. The spark arrestor, baffle, and tip where taken off when I got it. I love the noise level and sound. It really loud and Ik most guys aren’t into that but I love it! Wondering if a aftermarket would be just as loud and...
  6. Engine Tech FAQ
    Hey just trying to get this bike running properly. The bike will start up with just the choke and no throttle and when it's warmed up it idles fine with the choke closed. As soon as I give it throttle it kills the bike immediately. If I slightly blocked the air into the carb with a rag the...
  7. Suspension, Chassis, and Drivetrain
    I was on eBay and I found several knock of flexx bars, they just say “anti vibration handle bars” or “flex 7/8 bars” they are only $150 and as far as I can tell they look no different than real flexx bars. Think they are worth it? Anyone ever run the knock offs? Thanks, Korbin.
  8. Engine
    I’m getting a maier scooped hood and therefore removing the stock headlight. I was just wondering if you guys know of any cheap lighting options. I looked at lazr star but I just don’t want to spend $250 on lights. Some ideas and pics would be nice. Thanks in advance!
  9. Body, Controls, and Protection
    Hi I’m looking at buying the maier race fronts for my 2006 trx450er (Maier USA 11754: Honda TRX450R/450ER Race Front Fenders) and I was wondering if anyone had pictures they can share. Also some picture of the maier race scoops (Maier USA 11751: Honda TRX450R/450ER Radiator Scoops) thanks everybody!
  10. General TRX Discussions
    Hi guys sorry not sure of where else to post this so I do apologize! Anyways I thought I would get this out there for anyone who is interested! Racers Edge new website has not launched just yet but it will be shortly. Right now we at Racers Edge AZ are working on a new website design and eBay...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys. I’m new to the forum. Took a couple years off after I built my motor, rode it hard for about 2 years. I ran it on 93 octane for a day like a jackass and my starter gear put a crack in the case. I’m about to tear it down and see what’s going on. Anyone have this happen before? Motor...
  12. General TRX Discussions
    Hi guys! can anyone assist me in telling me what jet sizes to use? I have a high compression piston, hot cams stage 2, standard pipe with a Big Gun exhaust evoR tail piece and an open airbox. Thanks hope to get some fedback.
  13. Parts/Accessories
    I am trying to upgrade my tRx 450 er to make it be better. I am around 130 lbs and have around 1000 Bucks as my budget. I mainly race and trail ride and go to the dunesThe mods that I have for are green wire mod, full sparks exhaust, Fox float shocks up front Fox podium in back Aluminum skid...
  14. General TRX Discussions
    Hello everyone I’m Felix I have a 06 trx450er Had it for a few months this is my first trx450 I did the first oil change since owning it a couple weeks ago and now I have a oil leak coming from back of engine on right side was just shooting out while idle now dripping less but idk what the...
  15. General TRX Discussions
    My crank bearings went, motor locked. Now I’m opening it up and kinda need some advice as to what put into it. Should I get a hotrods stroker? Should I stay with the oem crank? Bigger cylinder and piston? Stage 2 cams? Anything is appreciated, I just want to make power and reliability.
  16. Engine
    Hi All, Been reading the site a lot and found its worth asking this year/model specifically....... I screwed up!!!!! hands up, no doubt! user error and no fixing carb body damage! Looking to replace, and oem replacement is nearly $1000 = pass!, therefor asking the pros............ What are the...
  17. Engine
    Working a buddy’s quad trying to tune it in. Runs like dog shit. it’s not a oem engine. has had head ported I kno far as I’ve gotten into it. Not sure what cam or size piston or if valves are oem. Well the carb on it is not the same as my 08 trx FCR I have on my race bike or my 04 trx practice...
  18. 2019 Gorman Big6 race

    Photos taken by Joe Salas, his instagram: 4theriders
1-20 of 22 Results