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  1. Body, Controls, and Protection
    I have a big gash in my tank that I’ve tried to fix but I want to get graphics and it’s not the prettiest fix and I have been trying to do research and I know an 04/05 tank will have a fitment problem with the 06 carb so I was wondering it an 07+ tank will bolt on my 06 with no issues
  2. Engine
    Hi I have a 2008 Honda trx450er and I can’t get the cam chain on it seems way to tight tensioner is out and still can’t get it..
  3. General TRX Discussions
    I have a 2009 trx450er that won’t start it has a new piston,rings valves were just done has compression, spark, fuel and air idk why it won’t start.
  4. Body, Controls, and Protection
    Hi I’m looking at buying the maier race fronts for my 2006 trx450er (Maier USA 11754: Honda TRX450R/450ER Race Front Fenders) and I was wondering if anyone had pictures they can share. Also some picture of the maier race scoops (Maier USA 11751: Honda TRX450R/450ER Radiator Scoops) thanks everybody!
  5. received_348054633430648.jpeg

    Yamaha Raptor 700 for Sell.still pretty new. Lmk if you want it
  6. Engine
    My exhaust valve stem measurements are barely in spec, but not at the service limit. I was wondering if I should replace them or just run them for another season. Exhaust valve stem spec: mm(in) 4.965-4.980(0.1955-0.1961) Service limit: 4.96 Current specs: Left exhaust: 4.966 Right exhaust...
1-6 of 6 Results