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  1. Suspension, Chassis, and Drivetrain
    I have decided to do a revalve service on my oem shocks. I want them revalve and respringed. Who will give me the best bang for the buck. I also want travel extensions. I was thinking about hygear. Iv heard good things about rocket Ron racing too. Thanks, Korbin.
  2. Suspension, Chassis, and Drivetrain
    I recently rode my old man’s trx250r out at the knolls ohv area which has some huge whoops. When I rode mine (2006 450er) it handled like I would imagine a stock quad would. Then I got on the 250r which has Elkas and lonstar racing long travel arms up front and a works shock In the rear. I was...
  3. Engine
    I pulled the valve cover the other day because I was curious on what cam was in it. I stripped the threads that the valve cover bolt screws into (the small one on the carb side) and don’t know how to go about fixing it. Everyone says heli coil but I’m not so sure that’s the best idea. Could I...
  4. Engine
    I took the tank off my trx and heat sheild. I noticed an unplugged wire. Anyone knows what it goes to?
  5. Engine
    Man, iv been relentless asking questions lately. But I’m not real familiar with the trx450. This is my first time owning one. It has a Athena 500 big bore. Do I need to run aftermarket valves and valve springs for a stage 2 hot cam
  6. Engine
    I have a 2006 trx450er with a Athena 500 big bore. I love low end torque and power! Should I do stage 1 2 or 3 hotcam. I don’t want to lose any pow end power but I wouldn’t mind some gains in the mid range or top end. Ik a stage 3 will cause me to lose some in the bottom end so I don’t think I...
  7. Engine
    I was doing some digging and came across the popular “green wire mod” for the 2006+ er models. For those that don’t know what it is, it’s a mod that takes the rev limiter from 9800 to 10800 and may change the time if curve (not sure on that one). You do this by cutting a green wire on the Very...
  8. Engine
    I love engine noise and don’t ride much on db limit areas. What’s the loudest exhaust or silencer I can get for my 06 450? Currently running with the baffle and tip removed from the oem exhaust and it’s the loudest iv heard. Any aftermarket exhaust that will be just as loud. Just want to get an...
  9. Body, Controls, and Protection
    I recently picked up a running 2006 trx450er with a cam, 500 big bore, and the baffle has been removed from the silencer. Thinking of doing a build on it. What do you guys think I should do next. I put new plastics and a graphics kit on it to make it look better because it had been rolled on...
  10. Body, Controls, and Protection
    Hi I’m looking at buying the maier race fronts for my 2006 trx450er (Maier USA 11754: Honda TRX450R/450ER Race Front Fenders) and I was wondering if anyone had pictures they can share. Also some picture of the maier race scoops (Maier USA 11751: Honda TRX450R/450ER Radiator Scoops) thanks everybody!
  11. received_2027534387415899.jpeg

    Yamaha Raptor 700 for Sell.still pretty new. Lmk if you want it 💓
  12. received_1555527054828713.jpeg

    Yamaha Raptor 700 for Sell.still pretty new. Lmk if you want it
  13. Engine
    I was going to put some money down on a new exhaust for my 450r 06 and saw that someone had to reject or buy a fuel/air controller is this true or is it as easy as slapping the new exhaust right on? love to hear some responses.
1-13 of 13 Results