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timing engine cams valve
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  1. Engine
    So i just put in a new starter clutch on my quad. Then i went to redo timing and whenever i go to turn the the crankshaft it will go 180 degrees then get stuck. Can anyone help me. It seems like it is something to do with the timing chain but im not sure
  2. Lounge
    My crank bearings went, motor locked. Now I’m opening it up and kinda need some advice as to what put into it. Should I get a hotrods stroker? Should I stay with the oem crank? Bigger cylinder and piston? Stage 2 cams? Anything is appreciated, I just want to make power and reliability.
  3. Engine
    Ok so I know there are some threads about this topic but I feel like I’ve tried everything. I’ve got a 2008 trx 450r that has been a nightmare. When replacing a starter clutch my stupid self hit the starter button before all the gears were replaced. Now I’ve got air being sucked into the exhaust...
1-3 of 3 Results