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  1. Engine
    How durable are the stock crank shafts in these 450rs? I have a 2014 model. With a ported head and a stage 3 hotcam. My buddy keeps preaching that I need a crank because they like to separate. I still have the stock rev limiter. Afraid to do the green wire mod until I know more. So how much...
  2. Engine
    Hi there guys I have a 2013 YFZ450R beside my TRX450R short story I lend my YFZ450 and the crank connecting rod got basically bent and broke 2 valves, crank was new but the person didnt changed gears(noob mistake) and went full Throttle can i put a YAMAHA OEM connecting ROD IN MY HOTRODS CRANK...
1-2 of 2 Results