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  1. Engine
    So Ive nearly completed my full rebuild from frame all the way up and I'm concerned for my break In procedure that my 165main may not provide enough fuel. Definitely don't want to seize up. New- Heavy duty hod rods crankshaft Wisco piston standard Kimble springs, seats, valves Hotcam stage 2...
  2. Engine
    '06. Stripped my transmission drain bolt while changing fluids. Feel like every time I go to work on this bike I get to experience the neglect it had before hand. Was turning it in with an extension by hand, no ratchet. Barely tightened at all and I just felt it slip, pulled the bolt out with...
  3. Engine
    ive done top-end countless times but looking within about year to get my 05 TRX450 bottom end rebuilt and i'll already have top end off! I just want to know about how much and who I should send it to that knows what there doing?
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys. I’m new to the forum. Took a couple years off after I built my motor, rode it hard for about 2 years. I ran it on 93 octane for a day like a jackass and my starter gear put a crack in the case. I’m about to tear it down and see what’s going on. Anyone have this happen before? Motor...
  5. Engine
    Hello everyone, So I’m looking for a new top end rebuild and there’s none for sale thats for my exact model, but there’s one for sale which is a Trx450r 04-05 rebuild kit. So wondering if anyone knows or has tried, would the full rebuild for the trx450r work on a Trx450er? Cheers
1-5 of 5 Results