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  1. Engine
    It makes no sense to me how that's even possible. My engine side is losing oil at a steady enough rate that i have to carry an oil bottle everytime i ride. The amount of transmission oil never goes down yet there is always an oil drop on the very bottom bolt of the clutch cover (one of those...
  2. Engine
    Hello ! I'm new to this forum and I came here to have some help. So, I recently finished to rebuild my top end (New 11.5:1 piston + rings) and I also changed valves shim since I messed up to mark them... So now It's all done, valves are done with good clearance (I had hard time to to get to the...
  3. Engine
    Hello everyone I’m new to this website and I need some help, I have a 05 trx 450r I pulled the oil filter and it looks like brass or copper filings in the filter don’t know what it could be from, any help would be appreciated
  4. General TRX Discussions
    Hello everyone I’m Felix I have a 06 trx450er Had it for a few months this is my first trx450 I did the first oil change since owning it a couple weeks ago and now I have a oil leak coming from back of engine on right side was just shooting out while idle now dripping less but idk what the...
1-4 of 4 Results