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  1. Engine
    The bike is an 05 450r with hmf comp pipe and k&n air filter as far as engine upgrades go it is completely stock I need help from someone who is great as jetting these bikes i wanna get mine running close to perfect I live in Pembroke pines florida give me some jet sizes recommendations im just...
  2. Engine
    Hello, i am quite new into modding and here in EU we don't have enough parts and modded hondas. So, i would like to know, what carb should i buy, i have big bore 510cc 05trx with stage 2 Cam and compression around 11:1, mostly racing hard country cross and from time to time some larger jumps. I...
  3. Engine
    Jetting recommendations for a 08 trx450er with FCR carb k&n air filter k&n powerlid full sparks exhaust cp piston thanks in advance
  4. Engine Tech FAQ
    Got the full package and was wondering if anyone had jetting air flow screw trims clip position suggestions for running this plan on being at waynoka OK so ab 1200-1400 elevation. And I have a pro Tec mo flow airbox lid wondering if I should run the or run stock lid.
  5. Engine
    I have an 08 450er and a while ago out of no where it started to run worse and worse over a span of a couple weeks or so. When I try to crank it up I usually have to play with the idle screw a little and hold the gas a little just for it to start. (It also backfires sometimes when I try to start...
  6. Engine
    All I have on it is a dasa exhaust and a intake lid delete. It’s a 2014 model and I’m on 928 feet. What jets should I run?
  7. Engine
    Hello everyone I'm sure there's threads on this but i need help with jetting for my 05 trx450r. I just bought a dasa system and need help jetting. The guy I talked to down there said 195 main 50 pilot and raise needle up one position from stock (if anyone knows where stock is let me know still...
  8. General TRX Discussions
    Hi guys! can anyone assist me in telling me what jet sizes to use? I have a high compression piston, hot cams stage 2, standard pipe with a Big Gun exhaust evoR tail piece and an open airbox. Thanks hope to get some fedback.
1-8 of 8 Results