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  1. 05 Motor in 06 Frame Project Quads
    Hello all, new to this forum, created my account today and posting this just to get some insight on a project I’m starting, hopefully someone who’s done a similar build will read this. Anyways I have an 06 roller, (engine blew) and I’ve got an 04/05 motor sitting around. I have both wiring...

    So I have a trx450r 05 and it’s leaking oil like from the side of the case where the kickstart is but from the other side of engine it’s leaking oil I don’t know what to do any suggestions? Right where I circled it when I turned it on it just starts leaking some oil
  3. Need new throttle

    Body, Controls, and Protection
    So i did a hill climb and i got to the to the top and I pressed it in and it was very heavy and hard to push in so I think im going to get a new throttle cable. I was looking at the moose easy pull throttle. It just has to be as good as stock or better it doesn't have to be special. I don't do...
  4. Hissing noise coming from motor after shut down

    So today I washed my 450 and I let it dry and now theres a hissing noise coming from the wheep hole I think that's what it's called. It's coming from the little hole on the right side of the cylinder. Could anyone give me any ideas on what's wrong because I dont wanna wreck anything. Any info...