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  1. Suspension, Chassis, and Drivetrain
    Getting a good deal on a drag cut 06+ frame for my drag bike. I know you have to have to get custom motor mounts for the frame to fit an 04-05 motor, but I was wondering if I can use an 04 gas tank and radiator shrouds on the frame too. Just prefer the look of the first gen bikes.
  2. Engine Tech FAQ
    Hey just trying to get this bike running properly. The bike will start up with just the choke and no throttle and when it's warmed up it idles fine with the choke closed. As soon as I give it throttle it kills the bike immediately. If I slightly blocked the air into the carb with a rag the...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    So I picked up a 1990 cr250r. When I picked it up the guy said he broke the choke lever and it was missing so no big deal just bought another. I put it in and screwed the all the way in and turned it out 4 turns for a starting idle point. On them, the choke lever also serves as the idle screw...
  4. Maintenance
    Every time I clean my carb I have no spark for a couple of days, then it randomly comes back. I have not been able to find the issue or the solution. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. General TRX Discussions
    05 trx450r- I had put a new pipe on it and it didn’t come with a clamp to hold the header and the pipe together, I thought it would be fine for one 20 min ride considering that it was a pretty tight fit On the last five minutes home it started to bog over half throttle so I parked it And put the...
  6. Engine
    Hello everyone I'm sure there's threads on this but i need help with jetting for my 05 trx450r. I just bought a dasa system and need help jetting. The guy I talked to down there said 195 main 50 pilot and raise needle up one position from stock (if anyone knows where stock is let me know still...
  7. New Member Introductions
    I turn fuel off and it still smells like fuel is just dumped all over floor need help
  8. Body, Controls, and Protection
    I own a 04 trx450r, I bought It about a month ago and I the aftermarket lights worked when I bought it. And they weren't work so we took them off, so we could put different ones one, and we can't find the problem. Is there a fuse or something that commonly comes lose? I was looking at where the...
  9. Project Quads
    Hello all, new to this forum, created my account today and posting this just to get some insight on a project I’m starting, hopefully someone who’s done a similar build will read this. Anyways I have an 06 roller, (engine blew) and I’ve got an 04/05 motor sitting around. I have both wiring...
  10. General TRX Discussions
    So I have a trx450r 05 and it’s leaking oil like from the side of the case where the kickstart is but from the other side of engine it’s leaking oil I don’t know what to do any suggestions? Right where I circled it when I turned it on it just starts leaking some oil
  11. Body, Controls, and Protection
    So i did a hill climb and i got to the to the top and I pressed it in and it was very heavy and hard to push in so I think im going to get a new throttle cable. I was looking at the moose easy pull throttle. It just has to be as good as stock or better it doesn't have to be special. I don't do...
  12. Engine
    So today I washed my 450 and I let it dry and now theres a hissing noise coming from the wheep hole I think that's what it's called. It's coming from the little hole on the right side of the cylinder. Could anyone give me any ideas on what's wrong because I dont wanna wreck anything. Any info...
1-13 of 13 Results