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  1. Engine
    Hey guys! New here! I recently just purchased a 05 trx450r. Purchased it knowing that it had some carb issues. Runs and start perfect. But when I give it gas it just stalls out immediately. So I tore apart the carb to clean it out. Noticed that it did need cleaned so I cleared all the passage...
  2. Lounge
    Hey so i was wondering if i should get my son a TRX 450r as a starter quad i know there are other options close to a 450 such as a 400 ex but i was thinking if i did that it wouldnt be much time till he has to upgrade, cause hes turning 15 in january. So i was thinking either get him a TRX 450r...
  3. Lounge
    So a couple weeks ago I decided to change my valve cover gasket and when I tighten the screws again I stripped the hole and even broke a bolt, I hear of timesert and helicoil does anyone know the size
  4. Engine Tech FAQ
    Got the full package and was wondering if anyone had jetting air flow screw trims clip position suggestions for running this plan on being at waynoka OK so ab 1200-1400 elevation. And I have a pro Tec mo flow airbox lid wondering if I should run the or run stock lid.
  5. Engine
    Im saving up to buy a new exhaust and I was wondering if anyone could let me know how many things I need to purchase for my machine to be able to compensate for the new exhaust. I was searching online and was overwhelmed because I'm not sure what is a necessity and what is just extra. So far the...
1-5 of 5 Results