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  1. Engine
    Hello everyone I got a fcr carb for my 05 it came off a 04 crf450r and I'm getting ready to get around to putting it on and I wanna know a base starting point for jetting for it. Here's my little upgrades Full Dasa exhaust, Dasa intake, and open airbox my elevation is about 2000'. So if anyone...
  2. Engine
    So my buddy has a 04 crf450 and blew it up. He said he will sell me the carb for cheap and if I'm correct the fcr will fit on my 05 with the adapter. my question is, is the CRF carb big enough for the trx I belive they are 40mm? (i don't see why it wouldn't be) and from the looks I might not...
1-2 of 2 Results