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    I believe to have a bent shift fork as my 04/05 transmission is locked up. Pulled the shift shaft out, which came out with some force but didn’t look bent or atleast not enough to be an issue. I am next planning to split the cases, however to repair the transmission will I ever need to pull the...
  2. Engine
    Hello ! I'm new to this forum and I came here to have some help. So, I recently finished to rebuild my top end (New 11.5:1 piston + rings) and I also changed valves shim since I messed up to mark them... So now It's all done, valves are done with good clearance (I had hard time to to get to the...
  3. Engine
    Ok so I just rebuilt my engine it’s a stock one with a fmf slip on looking for jetting to start with. No air box just an outer cover over the carb looking for a good starting point on main pilot and leak jet, tia, at about 755 feet from sea level
  4. Engine
    Hi to whoever is reading this, I am trying to find a motor to go in my 2005 trx 450r. My engine in it is all broken and not salvageable. Contact me or respond back phone number: 608 800 9425 Thanks!
  5. Engine
    So I continue to ask questions about my 02 400ex on here because y'all are so smart. So here's my deal. I have the stock air filter and the air box lid still on my 400, and after like 1 ride at the dunes my air filter is absolutely just covered in sand, and there is sand in the air box. I was...
  6. Engine
    Hi I have a 05 450 and i was going down a back road with my friends and it started to bog then go back to normal for a few seconds then died completely and it was making a sound like a rubber belt for a utility quad was rubbing on the engine then i pulled in the clutch and it stopped when i came...
1-6 of 6 Results