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  1. Engine
    Gfs 06 trx450er Alright so it's abit of a long story so let me get right in it, my gfs quad broke down when we went on a trail ride in July. It's been broken since and I'm absolutely stumped for my skill level on repairing these (my electrical game is weak lol) Okay so we were riding and when...
  2. Engine
    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I have used the research bar but haven't found enough information on what to look for exactly. I had my engine rebuilt back in April because a bad crankshaft bearing plus piston rings were shot since it was smoking pretty bad under heavy loads, long story...
  3. General TRX Discussions
    So I have some questions about some mods I want to do and just looking for some input on what any one has done. First thing is, I have a 520 motor and I didn't have the time to get the head ported or bigger valves put in the head. I have looked around a little bit about racers edge and was...
  4. Engine
    Just installed a kibble white valve kit on my trx450 because I was on the last shims that hot cams supplied in there box but my issue now is that I'm pretty close to being on the last shims again after spending almost $500 for the new valve's. What I'm I doing wrong? Do I need a new cylinder head?
  5. Engine
    Hi there guys I have a 2013 YFZ450R beside my TRX450R short story I lend my YFZ450 and the crank connecting rod got basically bent and broke 2 valves, crank was new but the person didnt changed gears(noob mistake) and went full Throttle can i put a YAMAHA OEM connecting ROD IN MY HOTRODS CRANK...
  6. General TRX Discussions
    I believe to have a bent shift fork as my 04/05 transmission is locked up. Pulled the shift shaft out, which came out with some force but didn’t look bent or atleast not enough to be an issue. I am next planning to split the cases, however to repair the transmission will I ever need to pull the...
  7. Engine
    Hello ! I'm new to this forum and I came here to have some help. So, I recently finished to rebuild my top end (New 11.5:1 piston + rings) and I also changed valves shim since I messed up to mark them... So now It's all done, valves are done with good clearance (I had hard time to to get to the...
  8. Engine
    Ok so I just rebuilt my engine it’s a stock one with a fmf slip on looking for jetting to start with. No air box just an outer cover over the carb looking for a good starting point on main pilot and leak jet, tia, at about 755 feet from sea level
  9. Engine
    Hi to whoever is reading this, I am trying to find a motor to go in my 2005 trx 450r. My engine in it is all broken and not salvageable. Contact me or respond back phone number: 608 800 9425 Thanks!
  10. Engine
    So I continue to ask questions about my 02 400ex on here because y'all are so smart. So here's my deal. I have the stock air filter and the air box lid still on my 400, and after like 1 ride at the dunes my air filter is absolutely just covered in sand, and there is sand in the air box. I was...
  11. Engine
    Hi I have a 05 450 and i was going down a back road with my friends and it started to bog then go back to normal for a few seconds then died completely and it was making a sound like a rubber belt for a utility quad was rubbing on the engine then i pulled in the clutch and it stopped when i came...
1-11 of 11 Results