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  1. Engine
    Are alot of y'all still turning to and using these Tusk kits on your Trx's? I have an 08 trx450r and what's in it now is starting to slip and feel like it's jerking a bit once the temps creep up. Here we are in 2021 and i'm just wondering if this is still the hot ticket when staying with oem...
  2. Maintenance
    Ok so I'm getting a new clutch looked at the tusk and alba but decided to go with the OEM but want stiffer springs and wondering if EBC clutch spring would work with a stock clutch setup I wanna try a stiffer spring and found them they're 10%over OEM I dont see why they wouldn't but I'd rather...
  3. Project Quads
    Hey guys, so I picked up an 06 trx 450er took it out to the dunes and was having a blast!, until it decided it didn’t want to start again. Would turn over slowly by the sounds of it then back fire! I was able to bump start it and ran fine. But it would still stall out if I started to slow down...
1-3 of 3 Results