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  1. General TRX Discussions
    So I have some questions about some mods I want to do and just looking for some input on what any one has done. First thing is, I have a 520 motor and I didn't have the time to get the head ported or bigger valves put in the head. I have looked around a little bit about racers edge and was...
  2. Engine
    hi , I bought my quad, it had been idle for years, I changed the oil and filters and found out that I have an hrc kit, when I put the quad to work it didn't reach the rev i have 185 jet whid air box hrc please help video of the problem
  3. Engine
    Jetting recommendations for a 08 trx450er with FCR carb k&n air filter k&n powerlid full sparks exhaust cp piston thanks in advance
  4. Engine
    Hello everyone I'm sure there's threads on this but i need help with jetting for my 05 trx450r. I just bought a dasa system and need help jetting. The guy I talked to down there said 195 main 50 pilot and raise needle up one position from stock (if anyone knows where stock is let me know still...
  5. Engine
    I have a 2004 Kickstart, and when I got it had some issues. Had a car air filter with sand inside it, missing parts, stuff like that. Cleaned the carb out, and I got a K&N filter and a White Brothers E2 exhaust. That's all I've done to it, and it's doesn't idle. It a 155 main and 48 pilot. I...
  6. General TRX Discussions
    Hi guys! can anyone assist me in telling me what jet sizes to use? I have a high compression piston, hot cams stage 2, standard pipe with a Big Gun exhaust evoR tail piece and an open airbox. Thanks hope to get some fedback.
  7. Engine
    Hi All, Been reading the site a lot and found its worth asking this year/model specifically....... I screwed up!!!!! hands up, no doubt! user error and no fixing carb body damage! Looking to replace, and oem replacement is nearly $1000 = pass!, therefor asking the pros............ What are the...
  8. New Member Introductions
    I’m looking for a carb for my Trx450r 2007 anyone got one? Or help me with mine it will start but as soon as you turn the gas it the carb starts to flood and you turn it off and it runs fine until it’s out of gas.
1-8 of 8 Results