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  1. Engine
    First time posting. Read through the forum all the time. Great informstion. Im having an issue with my 05 450r. After a hard pull through top of 3rd sometimes 4th my quad will bogg hard, no throttle response, coast to a stop sometimes it dies. If i wait 10 secs or so i can start it up first...
  2. Engine Tech FAQ
    Hi, I just installed a stage 1 dynojet kit in my 04 trx. I put the clip position at 3 and 48 pilot and 112 main, also the main air jet blockoff. But I'm having issues... black smoke when revving, also bogs when snaping the throttle, and pops A LOT. before I put the kit in my bike it would pop...
  3. Engine
    Hey guys! New here! I recently just purchased a 05 trx450r. Purchased it knowing that it had some carb issues. Runs and start perfect. But when I give it gas it just stalls out immediately. So I tore apart the carb to clean it out. Noticed that it did need cleaned so I cleared all the passage...
  4. Maintenance
    Every time I clean my carb I have no spark for a couple of days, then it randomly comes back. I have not been able to find the issue or the solution. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Engine
    I have an 08 450er and a while ago out of no where it started to run worse and worse over a span of a couple weeks or so. When I try to crank it up I usually have to play with the idle screw a little and hold the gas a little just for it to start. (It also backfires sometimes when I try to start...
  6. Engine
    So I bought this 04 450r. It ran awesome. Noticed the air box lid was gone so I bought one. Still ran great. The hmf slip on fell off while riding as it was clamped on w tin. So I bought a mega clamp and made sure it wouldn’t come off. My last ride it started to sputter and surge after 1/2...
1-6 of 6 Results