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  1. Engine
    I just recently put a full hmf competition exhaust on it and it started doing this right away so When it start it idles fine a little throttle it’s fine but soon as I Penn the throttle it Boggs and backfires there’s also some smoke coming out I took air box lid off an it still does it need help...
  2. Lounge
    05 trx450r- I had put a new pipe on it and it didn’t come with a clamp to hold the header and the pipe together, I thought it would be fine for one 20 min ride considering that it was a pretty tight fit On the last five minutes home it started to bog over half throttle so I parked it And put the...
  3. Engine
    So I bought this 04 450r. It ran awesome. Noticed the air box lid was gone so I bought one. Still ran great. The hmf slip on fell off while riding as it was clamped on w tin. So I bought a mega clamp and made sure it wouldn’t come off. My last ride it started to sputter and surge after 1/2...
1-3 of 3 Results