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  1. Engine
    What size leak do most guys recommend for lightly modded machines to fix the typical honda bog on throttle stab? I got an 06 450er with an airbox lid delete (stock Honda filter), HMF full pipe, and Hotcam stage 1. The previous owner who did all the mods rejetted the carb but neglected the leak...
  2. Engine
    I have an 08 450er and a while ago out of no where it started to run worse and worse over a span of a couple weeks or so. When I try to crank it up I usually have to play with the idle screw a little and hold the gas a little just for it to start. (It also backfires sometimes when I try to start...
  3. Engine
    Hi, I recently bought an 04 trx450r and it had a really bad bog/hesitation on the low/mid range, it felt like a turbo lag. When I hit the gas is barely went anywhere and then took off and really pulled hard. So we drained the gas (which was pretty bad) and threw in a 130 main jet and it helped a...
1-3 of 3 Results