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  1. Engine
    Hey guys want to get some work done professionally. What are some solid shops that know there stuff here on the Eastcoast?
  2. Wanted
    I recently purchased a 2008 HRC Power Up Kit - part # 06100-NLZ-A01 for my 2014 TRX 450er and the ICM sub harness wasn’t included. I’d prefer not to do the green wire mod and would love to purchase either a ICM sub harness or another Power Up Kit. Does anyone have either that I can purchase from...
  3. Wanted
    I'm looking to purchase a 2014 Honda TRX 450r special edition tri-color and would obviously like for it to be in as clean as possible. I'm not opposed to ones that have been modified, but would prefer stock condition. I'd appreciate anyone who might be able to assist me in my quest to find one...
1-3 of 3 Results