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  1. 2005 trx450r bogging problems

    I have an open box foam air intake. Full exhaust system. 170 main jet. 48 pilot jet. 1/4 throttle or less it runs great. 3/4 or more it runs great. But mid throttle it seems to bog down and not accelerate. What should I do. Buy new spark plug. Put in a leaner jet. Or move the needle. I’m...
  2. Need new throttle

    Body, Controls, and Protection
    So i did a hill climb and i got to the to the top and I pressed it in and it was very heavy and hard to push in so I think im going to get a new throttle cable. I was looking at the moose easy pull throttle. It just has to be as good as stock or better it doesn't have to be special. I don't do...