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  Topic Review (Newest First)
04-29-2018 03:54 PM
4tracker I'm good to go now! Thanks for all the help! Its dry now no more leek with new seals! Hope this has helped someone else with wet carb condition. Gone riding! lol
04-29-2018 03:30 PM
4tracker My seal was shot! I don't think the carb has been opened since bought in 04. Had to rip it apart to remove the bowl o ring lol But the quad is in pristine condition otherwise, well stored out of the elements! Only 30 hrs on it.
04-25-2018 12:11 PM
duke416ex Just fyi, the carb gaskets are generally reusable so if you have to go back in unless you rip one or it has deteriorated you shouldn't have to buy new ones.
04-24-2018 01:52 PM
4tracker Installed new seals including the replacement throttle boot and float needle. So far so good! Not sure which part stopped the wetness but dry is good!
04-15-2018 11:50 AM
4tracker Thanks. I'm not worried about too much gas in the oil now, because I change filter and oil often. I'm more concerned that the damage may have already happened since bought in 2004 by previous owners if the carb has been leaking like this for very long! Plus i'm going to do something to make sure that the gas tank shutoff is set to the off position better, now that the tank is off to where i can see the gas leaking out and where that exact spot is at where it's totally off! A very slight movement on either side of off, dripps which could constantly put fuel pressure into carb!
Still my main concern is the carb and boots being sprayed or moistened with gas on outside of everything near and including the carb. The gaskets will be here soon and hopefully help, but if it doesn't, what can i do to track it down? I would really like to try and fix it, if possible before going to the expense of replacing seals then if it still leaks, having to take it all apart and then reorder seals again. It's really got me stumped. I keep thinking it's got something to do with the acc. pump boot that was ripped open, that seals dirt and water from getting into pump diaphram. could that possibly allow gas to squirt up through that opening where the acc. boot is missing and spray gas to the top of the carb, then drip down onto everything including the carb boots? When I manually pump gas from the acc. pump (now that i have it apart) I can't see any fuel squirting from the top of the accelerator rubber pump seal, but that might only happen once all the parts are put back together forcing more pressure to squirt up and out possible? There's no other parts that could mist/spray gas like that, is there?
04-14-2018 02:26 PM
hawk-trx No that wouldn't cause the outside of the carb to have fuel on it, and it shouldn't be a problem either.
Your float should stop fuel from entering the carb just as it does when out riding and shuting it off without turning the fuel off.
Also the carb has an overflow that will allow fuel to dump on the ground through a 1/8" hose before it will fill the carb and dump into the airbox and engine. If the over flow is clogged then it can happen but it should dump into the airbox too unless the engine side of the carb is downhill.
Smell the oil to see if there is gas in it.
04-14-2018 09:57 AM
4tracker No swivel. 2004. That's ok, I was afraid i was missing parts somewhere lol.
You did help me find another problem while looking for that swivel you referred to. The gas tank shutoff valve is sooo sensitive, trying to find the hairline spot to totally stop gas flow is very difficult! The slightest movement on either side of the off location, drips fuel. I don't know if there's a way to know if this is happening after everything is all hooked back up. This just might be a lot of my problem, if gas is filling the carb constantly! I'm just wondering about adding another inline shutoff valve for a more positive fuel closure! From what I've read, if the carb leaks fuel to the cylinder it then travels down into the oil which could cause the oil to thin causing friction to the cyl and rings leading to premature wear or worse! I just hope this hasn't already caused a problem with no way of knowing how long this has been going on! The more you learn the more things to worry about lol So now I have these questions if anyone has an answer.
A more positive gas shut off solution?
And could the carb be getting wet all over the exterior from the shutoff not being totally in the off position?
thanks steve
04-13-2018 08:55 PM
hawk-trx Where the fuel line connects to the carb, does it swivel? Some are solid nipples and don't have o rings
04-13-2018 06:34 PM
4tracker thanks for your quick reply!! i'm running back and forth from my pc to garage. I found the inlet to carb brass pc. with fuel screen inside if this is the part your referring to, but no set screw or replacement parts that i can find nor in the manual. I also looked at the outlet valve at the gas tank but that doesn't seem to be what your describing either. Forgive me for asking again. thanks steve
04-13-2018 05:57 PM
hawk-trx Your fuel line connects to a brass swiveling inlet, it is held in by a set screw that doesn't actually seat against it which allows it to move and there are o rings on both sides of the set screw, they can get dry and leak
04-13-2018 05:41 PM
Originally Posted by hawk-trx View Post
Check the o rings on your inlet
Not sure where your referring to on the, o rings at the inlet port? I did check the o ring that's incorporated into the bowl seal and looked ok, if that's the one you're mentening. It's hard to tell for sure since i have it all apart now. I had suspected the bowl seal myself and had to dig down into the trash to find the seal, tossing it after cleaning the carb out lol. I did try putting gas in the bowl then pumped the plunger and gas gushes out with just one pump! So I know where the gas goes now, down into bottom of bowl, into the pump then out through the top of the bowl, which sends it out into where it's supposed to become a mist (i just read) eliminating a bog when accelerating. With that much force coming from that plunger I can imagine, how even a small pin hole could mist out a lot of gas! I just hope after putting it all back together with new seals that, that will take care of it. It's got to be a mist of spray from somewhere causing both boots and carb wet from top to bottom with ''fuel turned off''. Really got me puzzled! I'll get back after parts arrive and all put back together, keeping fingers x'ed. If anyone else has had a similar problem please let me know. Would really appreciate it. thanks steve
04-13-2018 05:25 PM
Originally Posted by duke416ex View Post
The a/p gives a little squirt of fuel when you jab the throttle to help take the bog out. I would guess if that seal if rotted then you really need to replace all the seals in the carb. I wouldn't think it would cause fuel coming out the top, having trouble remembering the whole set up from memory though. gas travels funny though if it was a soaking leak it would have soaked up any dirt or grime on the side of the carb and looked like it was coming out higher than it actually was.
thanks for the help. Yes the first thing i did to try and track down the leak was cleaning real good all around carb and boots while the carb was still installed. With the gas off. I checked the carb and boots next day and still gas had misted both boots and carb, top to bottom! As soon as i noticed the gas under the machine i suspected the drain hose, but that was dry. Waiting on carb parts hoping new seals will dry things up!
thanks steve
04-13-2018 03:21 PM
hawk-trx Check the o rings on your inlet
04-13-2018 11:13 AM
duke416ex The a/p gives a little squirt of fuel when you jab the throttle to help take the bog out. I would guess if that seal if rotted then you really need to replace all the seals in the carb. I wouldn't think it would cause fuel coming out the top, having trouble remembering the whole set up from memory though. gas travels funny though if it was a soaking leak it would have soaked up any dirt or grime on the side of the carb and looked like it was coming out higher than it actually was.
04-12-2018 06:21 PM
Could accelerator pump boot that's ripped apart cause wet carb dripping fuel

Just bought trx450r and right away i smelled and saw gas on the driveway. Carb was wet from top to bottom like it was sprayed from something. I thought it might be from the float valve or float height causing it. Removed carb and found the accelerator pump boot ripped apart. The float and valve were to specs. Could the gas (from not having the boot sealing the acc. pump) have sprayed the carb that much? From what i've read the boot only protects dirt and water from entering the pump. How does the acc. pump function. It's hard to figure that out by just looking inside it. There's nothing in the manual covering a diagram on its function and flow of gas through its ports. I ordered a carb seal and jet kit w/ boot. Today i'll try putting the carb back together and manually pump the accelerator with gas in bowl to see if something will give a clue to the leak or spray. Thanks for any help you can offer. Steve

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