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Thanks everyone for your comments and help.

Thrown Stones - I will check into one of those temperature gauges. Any recommendations on brand?

Hoser - Thanks for your help. Do you know if I can you go to a hardware store and match the o-ring up or do you need to order it from Honda? Or does this o-ring and washer not come from Honda and you have to get it from R&D?

Hawk Trx - If I drop the octane to 110 will I really need change/tune much? Also what kind of coolant are you running in yours?

Another thing I did confirm is that this quad has a crf450 flywheel, stator, ignition and cam in it. The carb is from an 06 plus trx450r. Anyone have any experience with running this set up? I can tell you that the thing revs quick and when you punch the throttle it hits hard. I’ve been riding since I was 5 and I am now 36. So when I say this thing rips I’m not some newbie that just started riding or just upgraded to a 450 that’s like “Omg this thing is so fast”.
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