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Agree with the guys above, nice quad, 116 is overkill, rd air screw and an idle adjust screw, dropping to 100-110 octane won't require Rejetting

I know nothing about Gibson arms, most use the same joints like houser, JD, lonestar but those look different

Question to hoser on the fuel leak, I have had fuel screws back out and not leak, I was under the impression that the o ring was for an air tight seal no a fuel seal, am I mistaken?

As for the radiator, I have a fulidyne, and a pwr (the ones mishimoto copied) and they hold very little extra fluid (like 4oz more) but neither of my fans come on and by removing the fan it should increase airflow slightly. I also run ESR inline temp gauges and mine don't run over 210 and that's after repeated drag passes.
I will add the instructions from one on my radiators included how to reinstall the fan, but if your harness is race cut you may have to wire from scratch
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