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I agree, nice looking quad.

The screw that’s leaking was called an air fuel screw, but it’s actually a fuel screw. They are very nice for easy carb adjustment, but it sounds like maybe the o-ring that goes in there under the spring and washer was left out and that’s why it’s leaking fuel, might be worth checking out. You can read about how to tune your carb with that fuel screw by reading the jetting sticky that is at the top of the engine forum where you posted this thread.

I also agree that you don’t need to be running 116 octane, and you could safely drop the octane level and not have to worry about rejetting it.

Some guys remove the fan if they are always moving or racing and get good airflow over the radiator at all times. If you let the machine idle or are doing slower trail rides you might want to consider throwing a fan back in there.
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