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alright guys how do u get the bearings out of the carrier? i have some new ones coming and need the old ones out thanks

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bearing press, or break loose, a big hammer and a giant screw driver. That should do it.
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Put the whole thing in the freezer overnight. when you take it out have a punch and a big hammer ready.

Before you beat on anything take a propane torch and heat up the carrier but NOT the bearings.
Its easiest to heat the "outside" of the carrier. The carrier will swell a little bit and the bearings will stay cold and a lil bit smaller.

It makes it a little bit easier. Depending on how fast you do everything. Basically get the carrier as hot as possible as fast as possible before the bearings have a chance to heat up and swell up as well.
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The easiest way I had found is to put the new bearings in the freezer 1-2 hours......
drink....2-3 beers while waiting..not too many remember you need to use a brass punch and a hammer
put them in my powder coat oven for 15-20 minutes, and beat the old bearings out...working your way around 12 o'clock, 6 o'clock 3 o'clock, 9 o'clock BE CAREFUL NOT TO HIT THE ALUMINUM RACE, trash the old bearings if you have to..
Take the new bearings from the freezer and they should slide in nice and easy, if you need to seat the bearings more, find a huge socket the size of the outer bearing race.
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alright guys how do u get the bearings out of the carrier? i have some new ones coming and need the old ones out thanks

Getting them out is the easy part but installing them the wrong way will shorten the life of your new bearings. In both getting the out and putting them in heat the carrier gently a small propane torch you get at your local harewear store works well. Gently heat one side at a time if the bearings dont almost fall out by themselves than you need to heat the carrier more. If you dont heat the carrier up enough and force the bearings out you run the risk of damaging the bearing bore of the carrier and run the risk of you new bearings not fitting tight in the carrier. The same works for putting the new bearings back in the carrier if the carrier is to cold you run the risk of damaging the bearing bore also. Putting the wrong preasure on you new bearing will also shorten the life of your bearings. Put the brake side bearing in first and make sure in fits all the way to the bottom of the bore. Than put the chain side in last. You shoulld only put preasure on the outside race of your new bearings putting preasure on the inside race will shorten the life. Are you putting the stock bearings back in or have you seen or heard about putting in the twin row aftermarket bearings that come in the aftermarket carriers in place of the stock ones. If you are insersted in finding more about this please feel free to check out this web site Hope this was helpfull information. Thanks.
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