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Default Won't start hot.

I recently bought another 06 ER (have an 05 and another 06). Starts a little hard when cold then runs great. When hot it absolutely refuses to start on the starter but will start immediately on compression (whether a hill, a push, or a tow). Let it sit and cool for 10 minutes and it starts.
Yoshi full exhaust, hot cam stage 1, open airbox, k&n filter, 162 main, 42 slow, 75 start jet, stock needle.
Starter spins up just like my other 06 (had it out and cleaned brushes and armature). Starter clutch is good. good battery.
Had carb out... cleaned and adjusted... put slow jet back to stock.
Had valves adjusted.
Any ideas?

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you hit most the high points..... most common issue with the E machines not starting HOT is the pilot circuit... too many people running 45/48 slow jets which really effect the starting because of no HOT START feature... but if your running the stock #42, stock needle, it should start right up.... turn up the idle speed to help and check your decomp settings... especially if you just performed a valve job.... set to 60psi.. also RE-check your valve adjustment if your not 100% sure the person adjusted them correctly for ya.....

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Default Mystery continues

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, setting the idle up keeps my son from killing it too often but doesn't help the starting hot.
I will check the valves myself... and look for anything odd about that hot cam (beginning to wonder about the first owner).
I don't understand the 60psi on the decompressor... I thought that was a clearance setting, like on the valves.
Thanks again.
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Default Some progress... Edelbrock???

I switched the carb with the one from my other 06 and it ran and started easily hot or cold. What a relief to eliminate all those other possibilities... like ICM, stator, coil, sensors, all the rest of the ignition and wiring.
Now... Last year I did what I could in my shop, to the bad carb. So, do I pay a Honda shop to do a complete rebuild or buy a new edelbrock??
Anyone have an edelbrock in their 450r?

Thanks for your attention.
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Those edelbrock carbs are the worst thing you can do to your 450r...the stock 06+ 450r uses a Keihin FCR which is the best carb money can buy, IMO i would sent your carb out to get totally rebuilt...like racers edge in AZ is probally your best choice..

maybe even take it appart yourself if you feel confident.
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